Taco Night in America

So your friends are coming over for dinner. They have two kids, ages 6 and age 4. Hmmm, what can you cook that’s kid friendly? Pizza, sure.  But my home made pizza is a lot of work, and just not as good as the stuff you can get delivered. Cross that off the list. Hot dogs? Okay that works. But I actually don’t even like hot dogs. Definitely cross that off the list. I don’t want to have to cook a ‘kids’ meal as well as adult food.  Pondering, pondering. Ahhh, yes Taco Night in America! Yes! One of my all time favorite meals, and it’s kid friendly too, BONUS!

Afterall tacos are the perfect food. They have protien (meat), dairy (cheese & sour cream), grain (shell) and veggies (lettuce). Okay so it’s a stretch they aren’t the most healthy food on the planet, but man they sure are good. And what a great way to make friends with kids.  Tacos followed by ice cream is even better!

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