Furry Friends Count Too

I’m not much of an animal person, plus I have allergies. So when I was asked if I would house sit a dog, I was a caught off guard.  The request came from a friend struggling financially, who had to move into a small apartment. Not only did she have to move, but there was a gap in time between when she had to move out of her house and into her apartment. Thus the dilemma about what to do with her pooch Kaylee was created.  She found someone to watch the dog for week one.  I was the absolute backup plan for week two. And I accepted the task.

Due to my allergies, the plan was the dog would stay outside the entire time.  I didn’t feel good about it, but it’s summer, the weather is warm, and I have a nice big yard for a small 20 pound dog to run around in.   I don’t want dander and fur in my home, so this is the only option.

So my friend’s husband brings over Kaylee one Saturday afternoon.  Along with Kaylee comes a kennel, water bowl, food bowl, and small kennel.  Kaylee enters the back yard, immediately sniffs the perimeter and begins to make herself at home. I’m liking this already, she’s pretty cute.  She’s entertaining to watch as she chases bugs and gets distracted as squirrels enter her peripheral vision.  So I hang out with Kaylee a bit, I talk to her and try and get her to fetch a tennis ball…not her thing. She’s no retriever.

As nightfall approaches she’s outside, I’m inside. And then the whining starts.  I go outside to see what’s going on. Nothing apparently, just whining.  I give her a few pets on the head and scratches behind the ear and go back inside. More whining. Uggh.  I attempt to ignore her. The whining continues for another 15 minutes. I go outside, place her in her kennel, lock the door and viola, peace and quiet. I learned something there. It never occurred to me she wanted to be locked up. But it worked.

Over the next week Kaylee and I took a brief walk in the morning and a longer walk in the evening. In between I’d go out and play in the yard with her a little bit. Or just read the paper outside. She just seemed to like to have someone nearby.  Kaylee is back with her owner now. I kind of miss her. Who knew an allergy person like myself could become friends with a pooch?


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