Snobby Tennis Chics

Why is it that female recreational tennis players and snobbiness seem to go hand in hand? It’s so weird. I recently started playing tennis, and wow what a fun sport. What a challenging sport. It looks so easy. But looks can be deceiving. Getting control of the backhand is tough to master. And some of my forehand shots are unintentional lobs.  But that’s what’s fun about it. The challenge of mastering the perfect tennis stroke.  The challenge of running all over a court and then having enough skill and coordination to get the sweet spot on the strings to meet up with the ball. It should be such a fun time.  And it usually is. But then.

Here comes little miss bossy pants know it all trophy wife who smiles even when she makes rude remarks.  You know the one. The gal who will insist you are on a court reserved for her, when she is the clueless idiot who is misinformed.  The gal who buys a wardrobe of tennis skirts and matching tank tops, wears heavy makeup and her diamond jewelry during a match.   The one who is insecure enough to tell you all about her husband’s fat salary and their yearly two week Hawaii vacations. Yeah her. The one who you can’t wait to beat in straight sets.  The snobby chics seem to flock to tennis leagues like worms coming out of the grass during a downpour. What is it about tennis and snobby girls that seem to go hand in hand? I suppose it goes back to the aura of country club elitism where only the wealthy and dignified played tennis.

It’s such a shame it is that way.  I don’t see it nearly as much in other sports, actually I can’t think of a sport where I see it at all. Perhaps it exists in golf, but I don’t golf, so I’ll need to get some feedback on it.   My plea to women in recreational tennis leagues everywhere: Please stop the condescending crap.   It’s just like you tell your children, play nice.

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