The Race To Be First Among Your Facebook Friends

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between social marketing and journalism? By this I mean the race to report news or get the scoop. Journalists have been doing it for years. It’s one of the things that gives them an edge over their competition. It also keeps fans coming back for the most current updates.  But I’ve noticed my friends on Facebook do it too.

For instance yesterday there was breaking news that appeared on television announcing Osama Bin Laden is dead.  I was watching TV as news reporters interrupted coverage on the major networks to make the announcement. Now that, I expect. That’s their job.  It seemed as if in less than two minutes several friends had made the announcement or left a snarky remark in their Facebook status updates. They couldn’t have even watched much of the news report or paid attention long enough to learn any details.  But they heard the report from a professional journalist and then they wanted to be the first of their friends to relay the news. I guess it’s their way of playing journalist for  a day.

Facebook Journalism


I’ve seen the same pattern whenever someone famous dies. I’ll see a flurry of status updates within a short time period making statements along the lines of:

Leslie Nielson, Roger Roger,  Rest In Peace

Barbara Billingsley was my TV mom. Aww, I’ll miss you tons!!!

Gary Coleman Dead? Whatchu talkin’ bout?….


To my friends I say, calm down. In a wired world we’re all gonna hear the news quickly anyway. I still like you. You don’t need to be the first to report breaking news.  It’s not your job, focus on your own work, spend more time with your friends IN PERSON, or work on being a better parent. But really, there’s no need to pick up your smart phone or login to Facebook every time something major happens…chances are I already heard about it elsewhere anyway.

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