Remember Your Fallen Friends

First and foremost, this is not at all a post making a political statement. It’s a post about doing the right thing. Making someone else feel good and possibly yourself at the same time. It’s a post to serve as a reminder that we should remember the friends and family who have fought for our country and lost their lives. The U.S. has been at war for several years now and it’s likely that we know someone, or know of someone who lost their life. This Memorial Day 2011 is a great day to pick up the phone, yes the phone, and make a call to a friend or a family who lost someone. Let them know you remember their fallen soldier. Let them know you respect the generosity and the gift they gave for us all to have our freedom.

A simple phone call can go a long way and can make what may be a difficult day a bit more pleasant. You can still find time to get in the gardening, the backyard BBQ and holiday sale shopping. But just make sure you make an effort to reach out today. Someday the gift you bestow may come around and be given back to you.

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