Do You Have A Bestie?

A ‘bestie’, in case you don’t know is a friend who means the world to you, a best friend…but better! Someone you know you’ll be friends with for a lifetime. Oprah recently had a show about best friends and named Gayle her bestie. Naturally, anyone who pays even remote attention to Oprah’s life or watches her show from time to time already knew Oprah and Gayle are besties. They’ve been friends for over 35 years, talk every day, and Oprah even hired Gayle to work in her media empire. That’s not meant as a slight to Gayle, Gayle had a successful career in journalism before Oprah, and that’s actually how the two friends met.

Do you have a bestie? I do. It’s great. Now my bestie and I don’t talk everyday like Oprah and Gayle, but we’re still damn good friends. My bestie is definitely a lifetime friend. As a matter of fact I have four people who I consider lifetime friends and I’d be really surprised if my friendship with any of these friends didn’t last a lifetime. But my bestie and I, we’re tight. It’s great to have someone to just hang out with, call and chat about nothing, or call and chat about everything. Understanding, laughter and compassion are always present.  Thanks bestie!

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