Friendships Between Couples

So you are in a relationship and both you and your significant other have other couples that you get together with for dinners, social events, back yard bbq’s etc.  Double dates are great because they allow you and your partner to enjoy the company of each other while still mingling with others.   But there are also a few possible dilemmas caused with this scenario.

1.       One Half of the Other Couple Bugs! – You and your partner decide you only like one half of the couple you’ve been hanging out with.  The reasoning can vary. Maybe it is a man who voices his opinion on politics too frequently, or a woman who always has to outshine you in everything, or maybe it’s just someone who gets on your nerves.  What do you do? I was in this situation recently and found myself just hanging out with the female half of the couple.  Neither my boyfriend nor I could tolerate her hubby for too long.  We no longer get together as couples.  We eliminated the annoying hubby from the picture.  Now I just go on walks with my girlfriend or an occasional movie, shopping trip, or lunch outing.  Dinners as a foursome are out of the question. But I still have a great girlfriend so it’s all good with me.

2.       The Breakup – You and your partner double date with another couple and that couple breaks up. Uh-oh! Do you have to choose one side? You’ll likely hear both sides of the story in their own skewed perspectives whether you want to or not.   I’ve been in this situation, and it’s not so fun. It’s tough, unless someone was absolutely nasty, I never want to have to select sides. But usually I had a better connection with one person, and it tends to all work out naturally. So no choices have to be made, things just fall into place on their own.

3.       The Crush – Romance brews between the wrong people. What do you do if your neighbor takes a liking to your husband? Assuming your husband doesn’t have a mutual level of affection, this can put everyone involved in an awkward situation.  It’s probably best to distance yourself from this couple and remove any temptation.  Find some new friends.

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