Friends Don’t Forget Friends on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, and you either love it or hate it.  Yes, it’s a holiday which has been glamorized by those hoping to profit from it, i.e. greeting card manufacturers, florists, chocolatiers, etc.  But it doesn’t bother me that those companies are attempting to make a profit.  I look at it as another reason to show affection toward the special man in my life. With crazy schedules and long work hours sometimes we need to be reminded of the importance of spending time with and paying some extra attention to our loved ones. Valentine’s Day fits the bill quite well.

For single people Valentine’s Day can be nothing more than a shrug of the shoulders to a day full of hopeful anticipation and even stress.  A lot of women day dream about a beautiful bouquet of flowers arriving from a long lost love, or a secret admirer.  Many men make it a day to propose marriage, and they want to get it just right.  V Day is a great time to reach out to those not in relationships and say hello, send a nice card, or go to lunch.  They want to feel special too, and if a friend can help achieve that, then why wait?

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