Facebook Friends or Facebook Strangers?

With Facebook ranking in the top 10 most visited sites and nearing the one billion users mark it made me wonder how well do we really know most of the people we have ‘Friended’ on Facebook.  I have about 150 friends, and I’ve been at that number for several months. Most of my Facebook friends were added within the first 3 months of being on the site. After the initial 90 day period, I’d occasionally come across a friend to add, or someone would come across me. I had one really pleasant surprise when I heard from an old friend from many years earlier whom I had completely lost touch with. Other than that, it was just a casual acquaintance who decided to add me.

Many of my Facebook friends are people I knew from high school. Even if we weren’t exactly palling around in high school it’s still nice to keep in touch, at least at a distance. Some have married, started families, others have started businesses, become artists, and others have become weird.  After checking out their profile and seeing what the last several years of life has brought to them, I really don’t have much to say. Although I suppose it’s nice to be able to contact them directly if I want to, I doubt I ever will.

My true friends whom I see frequently or talk on the phone with regularly are the ones I value most.  Oddly these people just don’t happen to post many photos, status updates or IM me to say hi.   Just as well, because the true connections are formed with one-on-one conversations and in person get-togethers

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