You’re One Of The Best People I Know

Earlier today I was on the phone doing a little venting to a friend.  Nothing major, just venting about typical issues life throws at you now and then. The kind of stuff you can tell to a friend and expect not to be judged, but rather to be listened to and heard.  Actually it was one of my more timid venting sessions. I’ve been known to go on for a few minutes, but this session, was fairly concise. It think it lasted all of 45 seconds tops.  I was the one who quickly changed subjects on began chit-chatting about a something more light hearted.  My friend and I talked for a few more minutes and then we ended our phone call.

Fifteen seconds later, the phone rings. I see my friend’s name show up on my phone. Here’s how that call went:

Me: Yes…

Friend: I know you’re dealing with things right now, I just want to tell you you’re one of the best people I know.

Me: Thanks! That makes my day.

[awkward silence]

Friend: Okay, gotta go.

So that’s what I love about having good friends. They have the power to change a moment, to make a day, to bring back hope.  I’d send my friend a nice Friendiversary card or baby doll tee, but he’s a guy. I think he’d rather receive a nice six pack in the mail.

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