Short Commute, Social Connections, and Financial Security Equate to Happiness

Dan Buettner author of The Blue Zones, has made multiple media appearances in the past few months and is providing anyone who cares to listen, the keys to happiness.

According to his research of studying the happiest people around the world, some of the things which will make you most happy are:

Job Close To Home

Apparently just about everyone hates to commute, myself included.  Buettner’s research indicates it takes an increase in salary of $40,000 a year to offset the bad vibes encountered with a one hour daily commute.  Working at the coffee shop on the corner might make you happier than driving across town to work in an office.

Good Social Life

Duh! Nothing ground breaking here at Friendiversary, but reinforcing the fact that a great network of friends, family, and even neighbors and co-workers can provide an increased level of happiness.  Buettner’s studies conclude people who are interacting with others for eight hours a day are happier than those with less social interaction.

Financial Security

It’s not what you may think. More money does make you happier, but only to a point. On average a family of four in the U.S. can achieve the peak level of happiness when earning $75K a year. Additional income provides diminishing returns on happiness.  Buettner suggests it’s the experiences which make us happiest over time, not the material goods which bring short term happiness.

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