Fragile Handle With Care

I had a birthday recently. My best friend on the planet was kind enough to come up with some birthday activity ideas for me. She gave me three options:

1.       Take a 2 hour class where we make pendants out of glass, and go to lunch.

2.       Take a Zumba class, and go to lunch.

3.       Tour a Celestial Seasonings Tea factory, and go to lunch.

I was sold with just lunch. But since I needed to select an activity to accompany lunch, I acquiesced. I’ve never made pendants out of glass, I’ve never taken Zumba, and I’ve toured the tea factory once. So it was a hard-hitting mind battle between glass and Zumba. Well actually there wasn’t any hard-hitting going on. Zumba sounds fun, but like way too much work for a birthday activity. I do however intend to give it a shot someday.  So glass pendant making won.  Two other of my great friends joined us, so it was a foursome of awesome friends which I’ve had for years. I totaled the years of my friendship with these gals, 90 years! Good times.

While at the glass class I got to thinking, friendships are fragile much like the glass we were working with.  If you take them for granted, they can crack, break and splinter.  They can cut you with a sharp edge if not careful. If you are cautious with them, they’ll never shatter or fall apart. They’ll always be there and they will be solid. So just a reminder, value your friendships as much as you would value a piece of delicate glass artwork. I’m looking forward to the day these friendships hit the century mark.

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